Vista And XP Dual Boot


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I wanna Have Windows XP and Vista Together in same hard disk but in different drive.
I tried many ways to do it but i couldn't settle it. even i don't know that it's better to install XP at first or Vista ?!
In this site i read a post from Mr. Mahmoud Al-Qudsi
that he was written that we have to use easybcd. i used it and i did what ever it was written and even in boot menu i also have windows XP and vista, when i select the vista,the program starts but when i select XP, it doesn't work and it gives an eror that it says :
Windows failed to start . Arecent Hardware Or Software Change Might Be The Cuse
File: \NTLDR

Status: oxcoooooof

Info: The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt.

would you please help me to have this two windows togather and if it's possible for you would you please explain it step by step ?
would you please tell me which windows should i install at first ?

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Hi soroush, welcome to NST.
Try reading the guide from APC, which will explain how to get a Vista/XP dual boot working, whichever one you start with.
The NTLDR error you describe, is a standard (easily fixed) dual-boot error.
They're all described in the wiki, with full instructions of how to fix them.