Vista and XP on two drives

Hello, my friend is having some trouble with EasyBCD. He installed it, installed XP on the second drive, both are visible. He says he tried to add the xp entry and select it as F, (Vista is on C:smile:. He says it saves it as C despite everything. He can access the drive in Windows Explorer, but he cannot see it in the BIOS.
Hi devurandom, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Tell your friend EasyBCD forces XP drives to be the boot drive, because 99 times out of a 100, that's what you really want. What the XP drive is doesn't matter, what matters is the drive that NTLDR and boot.ini are on; which should be the boot drive.

If he needs to change the XP entry to drive F:, tell him to the second EasyBCD screen and change it from there.
if he doesn't see the other drive in BIOS than he needs to make sure he really has two drives, my first impression is that your friend has only one drive with 2 partitions, even in Windows you may think you have 2 drives but its actually 1
@Computer Guru: I'm not sure what you mean by the second EasyBCD screen, and when he tries to make the XP entry as the F: Drive it won't save it as such.

@Frustrated: He has two physical HDDs, he went out and bought another one a week or so ago.

EDIT: After some clarification (sp) from him I learned that he can see the HDD in the HDD menu, but not in the boot list.
I mean press the second button in the EasyBCD sidebar, select the XP entry from there, and change it from C:\ to F:\.