Vista Backup & Restore problems


Hi, just backed up files, formatted & reloaded Vista but on trying to reload back up i either keep getting the following message - The parameter is incorrect (0x80070057) or if reloaded, all files are reloaded in one large file leaving such things as my photos albums now in one large album - not good. On looking into the backup drive, all the files are there in seperate smaller backups (hundreds of them). Please can someone help
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Did you use the backup restore utility in Vista? There have been problems with it for some. The backup unfortunately may be corrupted. You're best off using another utility for backup (especiallly the kind which you can boot from) such as Acronis TI or Ghost.

Thanks for the reply Justin, all the files are there, its just when I try to restore, I either get the error message or the files restored are all lumped into one huge folder which leaves me with having to bundle everything up again - a big job with the pics & music. Have you any ideas as to what I might use to help with resolving this? As mentioned, the backup was made as I needed to format & reload the laptop:smile:
Your advice is appreciated.
Can't help with Vista backup - sorry. (It's not a part of Home Premium). But if you end up having to laboriously re-sort them into your original scheme, I can recommend the freeware EZBackitup as a future replacement. It will mirror your files to the backup location, and a daily run will transfer any updates in seconds. Even monitoring 10,000 files for updates, my daily backup only takes about 30 secs.
The mirror is just that. Not a compressed file or a propriatory format, but a straight copy of your entire folder/file structure inside a backup folder, and restore of a corrupted original is a simple drag/drop.

Sorry, not exactly what you want to hear, but might save the same pain in the future.
Backup is part of home premium I believe. It just doesnt allow you to do a full pc image. In this reduced version you can only backup your files like legacy Window's nt backup utility.

Now, you said you managed to get all the files (though in one folder) restored from the image? Its a pain I know, but you'll just need to sort out the files in this case. Its better than not having your files at all. If you go into detailed view you can filter by type and whatnot to help ease the relocation of your files to the right place.
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