Vista BCD file gets deleted or dissapears after restart


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Hello everyone,

I have a very nasty problem with my Vista (64bit) running on a 4xraptor 74gb raid 0. At around 15 november my pc has begun to give me the famous error and that after a year running fine , i guess it was after windows updates:
File: \Boot\BCD
Status: 0xc0000001
Info: An error occured while attempting to read the boot configuration data.

I then run recovery en recreate the BCD file because it is just GONE in my c:\boot folder. Not corrupt or anything but it's like Vista deletes the file at shutdown :s.
It occurs not always, sometimes I restart 3 times without that the file is being deleted or dissapearing. But everytime i get the Boot\BCD error its just the BCD file missing. Then I just recreate it and reboot and everything is fine , until a couple of restarts later :frowning: when it is missing again.
EasyBCD is not an option here (tried it all), the BCD file gets deleted or somehow dissapears.

What could cause the deletion or dissapearing of my BCD file in the boot folder??

My possible thoughts :
- The boot folder gets overwritten/restored or something with no BCD in it?
- corrupt partition table or raid ?
- Softraid issues?
- Windows Update messed it up?
- Windows Defender messes it up?

I hope someone has tips or an answer what could be wrong?
If you need more info ask me :smile:.

Thx in advance
Okay unless you're dual-booting EasyBCD wouldn't be able to help you anyway. We've had another user on here with the same issue. Run startup repair from a Vista disc a few times. They had the same symptons as you but mysteriously the problem was resolved in this manner. We thought and it still could be in regards to an infection on your PC by malicious software. Use up to date security software and scan the computer.
Justin is right - it's most likely related to malware or anti-malware software on your PC.

Have you tried to manually recreate the BCD files with EasyBCD from the Diagnostics Center?
I had the same problem earlier and my friend helped me solve it. I will ask him what he did exactly.
Hi Joel, welcome to NST.

Glad you got your PC patched up. If you could share the details that would be great - I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate that.