Vista BCD Problem


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hey guys

i bricked my vista hdd today by useing a xp disk to turn a another hdd into unaullcated space with out my vista hdd being pluged in

then i pluged it in to see that i could no longer boot to vista getting a blank screen

then i "formated" it with a vista install disk then now i am where i am (the other hdd not the vista one)

now i tryed the command propt way of repairing the bcd and boot sectors but no luck

bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd just gives me a Element not found error when pressing Y,N or A
to add the installation to the BCD

i have one last thing im thinking i could do but i have to ask you guys

i have a cd that has a bootable windows 98 on it that creates its self a ram drive to run

can i use that to run EasyBCD or am i totaly ****ed :x
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