VISTA Black screen not booting up after cd made from Torrent

I need some help please?? I'm no tech. I have a Toshiba Satellite Model PSAF3U-0NQ015 It has Windows Vista Home Basic I believe its a 32 bit system. The problem is it will not boot up. I turn it on and immediatley have to hit F12 to get to boot menu or the black screen comes on. I have downloaded the 32bit torrent file and burned it to a cd for Vista boot up. I select cd and it begins.then it says... press any key to begin.... i do ...Windows is loading files... (the white line at the bottom fills up). and white cursor blinks for 2 seconds then (C) Microsoft Corporation comes up with the green line back and forth for about 20 seconds then it shuts kinda off and the screen goes black???? its locked up... help I would like to either reinstall or fix it so its usefull in some way. I wish i could reformat or something ?

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I do not have a recovery disc and the torrent boot up i downloaded from this site.
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thank you terry 60 but to no avail

thank u terry but yo no avail. I tried everything on these 2 links. even the comment directions. I can only get into the Boot Menu and then the Phoenix TrustedCore Setup Utility . I really dont know what I'm doing in there but I didn't see any way to fix it. Menu in there is : Main, Advanced, Display, Security, Boot and Exit . I did try to load setup defaults in exit but thats the only thing ? the sticky keys dont seem to be working. I dont know any hidden commands other than windows button and R and ctrl alt delete so I dont really know how to navigate any other way. like i said I get more from the cd i made with torrent file but still black screen of death after any body else please help?

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I did try to boot form the usb memory and an external hardrive but that didn't seem to work or i could be doing it wrong???
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I'm afraid our recovery ISO won't help you do much more than fix a broken boot process. It cannot help with a broken OS because it contains no installation files. You will need the Toshiba recovery media which they included with the PC (or which you should have created from the hidden recovery partition when you first commissioned the PC).
You might be able to access the Toshiba environment by holding down "0" (zero) as you power-up the PC, or by tapping F8 repeatedly as the system tries to boot.