vista boot disk

I downloaded and burnt the vista boot disk. When I booted with it and it looked like it will do the job. However it is not in english how can I download a englih version?

Mak 2.0

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The Vista boot disk from NeoSmart is only in English. We do not have any other languages up for download.
Thanks for the reply
when I boot with it and go to wwbu.exe to run it its all in german. Now I maybe booting wrong. I want to read the how to text. won't open in dos A:\ so if you can direct me to where I can read on how to use it I will be very happy.
Thanks again I did download the recovery cd and burnt in as a iso. The other site you sent me to is talking about a bootloader. I think this is the download I want for it :
Select Boot Drive.png

Yes all I am trying to do is get my cousins pc to boot up. No dual os or anything special.
When I boot her set now it boots to a flash screen that reads media direct 3 reinstall main 1
Her set is a compaq.
Thanks again

Mak 2.0

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That screen is a error message from EasyBCD. That shouldnt be relavant if you are trying to fix the boot from teh Recovery CD.
Thanks again, But okay I now have the recovery disk and When I boot from it I got top a dos sreen with A:\ drive listed and when I type id DIR I get a list and the only .exe is the wwbu.exe, which like I said is in a different langue german I think. If I do have the right disk, I am going to have to read up how to use it. Thanks again