Vista boot error (stops at STARTUP menu)


Well .. hello everyone .. i have got into a huge problem .. i'll start from the begining so everyone knows what the problem is .. My laptop is HP dv5 came with vista .. so i installed dual boot for the laptop .. since it had SATA i had to slipstream and stuff before i got xp working .. i had no problem for 4 months .. now i wanted to format xp so i deleted xp partition through vista disk management i left the unpartitioned space to i could create a partition through xp (not the method used before .. i created partition through vista itself previous time) and inserted xp disk and setup started .. but due to sme error i had to restart installation .. and here is the problem .. my boot is corrupted .. the computer starts and just stops at startup menu .. showing "HP" logo .. and it doesnt even come till EASYBCD menu .. would someone please help me with this problem ...

btw .. i forgot to delete startup in EASYBCD before i started formating

And "f11" and "escape" keys doesn't help .. it just hangs with a blank screen
Hi dragon, welcome to NST.
If you don't have a Vista DVD (I assume your HP came with a recovery partition and no disks), you can download a CD ISO image from us which contains the Vista recovery routines (Not Vista itself). Follow the instructions for downloading torrents and use Imgburn to burn the ISO to CD. (We recommend it, as do MS for W7, because it's free and we know it works, whereas other burning software might not.)

Then boot the CD, select "repair your computer" (bottom left), then "startup repair" from the next screen.

Repeat the whole of the green sentence another 2 times (it's quite primitive, and only repairs one aspect of the boot per pass).

Hopefully you will be back booting Vista, and you can try again with what you were doing.
(Every time you install or repair-install XP on a Vista system, you will need to repair the Vista boot. See point 4 of the sticky thread)
If the automatic repair hasn't worked (make sure you've had enough tries before giving up ) follow the instructions for a manual repair.
Hey Terry,

Thanks for the reply .. but i already have the image and the recovery disks ... that is how i installed the xp first time .. as i said earlier .. i am unable to access BIOS nor boot from a disk .. anyway .. i think i found the solution .. i have to delete the partition by removing the hard disk and connect to another laptop and boot from it and delete the partition .. anyway .. i tried opening it .. but i had second thoughts about it .. so i'll be visiting the HP service centre tom .. so i'll let you know how it went in the evening .. thanks for the reply though !