Vista boot inoperable

After a pretty vicious virus attack resulting in my firefox brower redirecting and jumping to Gawd-knows-where, I feebly attempted to fight back with Rkill and Mbam. Rkill resulted in blue-screen reboots, never, alas, being actually activated. Mbam did report and remove some virual disturbances, but my browser remained under attack.

This morning I booted up and discovered my ident picture and name had vanished replaces by an oversized frame with the words Other User. I click it and another outsize frame appears. I entered my name and password in the now vacant blanks. 'Welcome' flashed by replaced by the security message the domain either does not exsits or could not be contacted (sorry, can't recall vebatim). In addition the ease of access button was inoperable and there was no longer a restart-shut down button.

I booted the Vista repair disk. It attempted repair and eventually reported it could not repair whatever is wrong. (PC restore, command prompt, etc., were all accesible). I'm stumped at this point and have no idea as to how to continue.


Pardon the double, but IMHO additional data warrants this breech of forum eitiquett. The log of Vista repair disc summerizes its findings thusly: Unspecified changes to system configuration might have caused the problem.

Assuming this is so, is there any way to reverse this, or access and activate the recovery partition from within the repair disc enviroment? (pc restore reported it could find no restore points).
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have same problem like swellFella vista recovery cd , xp recovery cd, 7 recovery cd doesn`t work nothing happens cant repair anything ... what to do
Don't keep posting in other unrelated threads, that "this has been going on ......."
If you have a problem getting the right repair CD, contact systemdiscs.
The repair discs are for fixing broken boot files.
They are not magic bullets that can heal a broken HDD or cure a malware infestation.
If you have a specific problem, open a thread and describe it.