Vista Boot Loader- Need Help


I am trying to recover the Vista Bootloader. I bought a "new" computer off a bestbuy auction that supposedly worked fine but I get the error message "NTLDR Missing" and there is no Vista disk. I downloaded the 64 bit recovery disk from Neosmart via the torrent file. I extracted the torrent file, burned a CD using IMGBURN and put it in the dead computer and it loaded several files.

I got to the screen that says Windows Vista and ran the line at bottom left "repair your computer". Step 2 seemed to work OK (didn't fix the problem). Went on to Step 3 where you go into the command prompt to manualy repair the Vista Bootloader.

When I follow the instructions, it finds bootrec.exe /fixmbr. Says it was successful. However on the next command, it can't find the file "bootsect.exe". So I'm stuck.

Any help appreciated as I am dead in the water now.
Hi Kat, welcome to NST.
Try booting the repair disk again and running "repair my computer" / "repair startup" again.
(It says somewhere on the page "You may need to do this more than once" and they're not kidding)
2 or 3 attempts normally does it.
If the auto repair doesn't work, the lack of a bootsect.exe from the recovery disk is a problem currently being discussed in other threads.
The problem seems to be that it was included in early distributions, but then omitted. The wiki obviously was written when it was present.
At the moment MS is giving away free copies on the Windows 7 public Beta, if you're prepared for a large download !
So is my only option to get a disk or try the long download?
I hate the download since I can't even download it to the right computer.
The download is an ISO image, which you burn (with Imgburn for free) to DVD.
So it doesn't matter where you download it . Pick any PC you have access to with the fastest broadband link.
Those are big downloads though... don't think your public library would approve.
Sounds like XP was on there and that they have been lying to you (bad idea to get a used computer)

Borrow a friend's Vista DVD if you can and re-install Vista, using the product key on the sticker that should be on the computer. If it says XP on the sticker use an XP disc instead and re-install XP or demand a refund/return if possible.