Vista Boot Manager missing or corrupt


Compaq c300 with only pre-installed Vista. Computer boots to splash screen and starts endless loop. Suspect problem caused by malware/virus.

Booted up with Vista recovery disk and performed Startup repair. There is no operating system shown in the box to repair. When continuing on the error message, "Vista Boot Manager missing or corrupt" appears. Since Vista is pre-installed I have not been able to locate the drivers to install.

In command prompt Windows shows up in c: drive. But Bootrec.exe and RebuildBcd is not found to repair and/or delete or command is not recognized.

System Restore does not work with error message no restore points.

CMOS HDD check and chkdsk c: /r both show HDD good.

Tried to reinstall Vista but the Product Key on the bottom of the computer is not recognized.

I have probably left out a step or two, but any suggestions are welcome short of buying a recovery CD from HP/Compaq.


update: was able to run

c:> bootrec /fixmbr successful
c:>bootrec /fixboot successful
c:>bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd error: 0 windows installations found
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