Vista Boot Manager


When my PC boots, it always stops at Vista Boot Manager with a single option to select Vista Home. Vista is the only OS loaded on my PC. I installed EasyBCD with the home of eliminating this unnecessary boot up step but so far I can't figure out how to automatically bypass the Boot Manager. Can someone provide steps within EasyBCD to do so. I've tried other steps recommended within Vista to no avail.

Hi Walt, welcome to NST.
When you look on the "view settings" page of EasyBCD, do you see more than 1 entry ? (perhaps Vista (recovered))
If so just go into add/remove entries and remove the spurious one.
Alternatively, without even installing EasyBCD you could
Control Panel/System/Advanced/Startup and Recovery/Settings /Time to display list of OSs/ and set the boot timeout to 0. That way it won't present a menu even if it thinks there's a choice, it'll just take the default. (provided that's the one that works OK of course)
I tried the suggestions posted by Terry before I posted my issue, but it didn't resolve the problem. But the command line setting to 0 did. Thanks very much for your help.