Vista booting problems!


Hello everyone,

I've went up and down through so many threads and I can not find what I need.

I cannot get past the green bar loading screen. I have put in a Vista Recovery Disk and ever a new Vista Ultimate disk. I still don't get past that screen.

Ugh! Please help!!!


And yes, I'm a newb. I'm trying to fix my dad's computer.
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You have a buggy MBR. Find yourself a free Linux live CD, and run this command from the command line:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda1 bs=446 count=1

I recommend using the Ubuntu Live CD. After doing that, you should be able to tuse the Windows Restore CD.
I did that, i then rebooted and tried choosing windows recovery, and it just flashes and the recovery doesn't begin


Any other suggestions?
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Where do I even get that? I can't get past the green loading bar.


I can't get the "Install Windows" thing to show up.


Dont give up on me! haha
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typed the sudo command in ubuntu->terminal , inserted the windows recovery cd and started the laptop.
The starting windows page comes with green bars moving, flashes and enter system recovery options again.