Vista bootloader recovery issue

Hi to everyone,

my computer decided to help the beauty of this rainy day by not loading either Vista or XP, properly installed several months ago...:rage:
I've got the following message when I boot the computer :

Booting 'Windows Vista'

Vista loader 2.1.2

Done !
fallback 1
find --set-root /bootmgr

I tried to use the recovery guide with my Vista DVD, and with the repair disc offered as a torrent on this site, but I'm stuck at the very beggining : my cd drive letter seems to be X, but there is no such thing as the folder boot.
So the command "x:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt60 all /force" doesn?t do anything : "The system cannot find the specified path".
If I ask for the DIR of x:, I have:

Volume in drive X is Boot

Directory : setup.exe
Program Files

I'm not good in command lines and DOS, so I don' t really know where I'm going and what to do.

Thanks for your help !
X isn't the CD-Rom drive, it's the virtual ram drive. Search around for another drive letter.
Do you know how to find the CD drive ?
The only one in my case that seems to fit is H; it has a "boot" directory, but in that directory, no bootsect.exe.

In the other letters, I just find my hard drives
OK, forget the las post, I'm working on it from the Vista DVD, and it seems so ar to work. I'll let you know once I'm done.


yes, easy BCD was installed
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Glad it's working then.

IF it wasn't, you could use the commandline tools in the EasyBCD directory to fix your PC as well.