Vista Bootmanager not recognizing Vista Bootmanager


I was dual-booting Vista and Ubuntu 7.04 on different partitions; I had a bad version of XP on a 3rd partition. That XP wouldn't start (probably something I did that messed it up), but that doesn't really matter. Up until now, everything was fine. Ubuntu would boot first and I could pick Vista (Longhorn). Then it would take me to Vista's boot manager, and I'd pick Vista and not the "previous version of Windows."

I had to reinstall Ubuntu, however, and decided that this time I'd include that partition that contained the bad XP since it took up so much space. Except now, GRUB won't recognize Vista. To make things worse, when I put in the Vista installation DVD, it doesn't recognize the partition that Vista is on. I tried to use fixboot and fixmbr in the command line, but they didn't work either; probably because it couldn't recognize the partition that Vista is on.

Can someone help me? I think—and I stress the uncertainty in think—the problem is that the partition containing the bad XP also contained the boot manager. All my Vista files on the Vista partition are still accessible from Ubuntu, though. Do I need to reinstall Vista (ugh, super-gross)? Can I install a boot manager in the Vista partition? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Hi hung, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Can you run GParted in Ubuntu and post a screenshot here?
If sda3 is your Vista drive, then you don't need to reinstall Vista.

Are you using a SATA drive or a RAID config?
SATA Drive. sda3 is my Vista drive. The problem is that there isn't a boot manager, or atleast GRUB doesn't recognize it. And the Vista installation CD, which can also repair the boot sequence if it recognizes the boot manager, doesn't recognize that drive.
It sounds very interesting. Might work. I'm not in any hurry to switch back from Ubuntu, though. Sorry if it takes me a while to confirm if it works. Thanks a lot though!