Vista Bootmgr missing problems (tried everything!)


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Hello i know there is alot of post about the bootmgr problems and im sorry if somebody answered this one already but i really could use some help because i have tried everything you can think of when it comes to this problem. i made a vista recovery disk which works on my laptop (compaq presario) i know it is a piece but i still need to fix it for school. i tried the recovery disk and everything works fine till i get to startup repair and it does not show that windows vista is running then when it says load drivers and put the cd back in i go into thefiles and cant find windows. i Have tried everything i have tried using the command prompt that doesnt work i have triedthe BCDedit it doesnt do anything everyhting i do it says it cant fix or it says bootmgr missing can somebody please help i need my laptop for college badly. thank you
Hello hockey, welcome to NST.
Have you tried hitting Next anyway when it doesn't show any Vista installations to repair? You may also want to disconnect any other HDDs you have connected to your laptop, so the repair program wont get confused.