Vista boots, but XP does not


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So I have this Toshiba laptop and partitioned the disk into two drives, installed Vista on the new one C:, loaded EasyBCD 1.6 in Vista and cannot boot XP at startup - when I select it at startup the screen just goes black. All files and directories on the XP drive D: look ok. What is the solution?
Get 2.0 Beta version of EasyBCD, re-add the XP entry, and hit Yes at the prompt asking you if you want it to auto-configure boot.ini for you, and if its still not working after that, go into Disk Management, find out which partition is "system". Copy over "ntldr" and "" into the root of the "system" partition, and then it should work perfectly fine. :wink: BTW, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies. :smile:


Hi Mark, welcome to NST.
Follow the instructions and links in the sticky thread (step 5) and get easyBCD 2.0 (1.6 is about 2 years out of date)