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Basically, here's how it goes....

I'm on another computer at the moment, because MY computer has received a trojan or virus one way or another. This virus keeps me from doing many things, such as uninstall any programs, delete any files, access certain web pages, and access certain programs (the programs and web pages that are filtered are ones with anything to do with anti-virus, reformatting, cache cleaning, ANYTHING of that sort)

The one thing I could do, was store the few files I cared about onto an external hard drive, and now I'm trying to reformat my computer; wiping it clean completely.

So I understand that on boot I have to start the BIOS setup and change it to my E: drive, in this case, but the problem occurs when I try to do just that... There's no BIOS setup where I can change it anywhere, so my last resort is booting in safe mode with command prompt. The only problem is I'm unsure of which commands to use in command prompt, as I am not very experienced in this field of the computer.... :/

Also, I've searched through your wiki a bit (Recovering the Vista or Windows 7 Bootloader from the DVD), and skipped to step 3, since steps 1 and 2 won't work for me. The "bootrec.exe /fixmbr" command at the beginning of the step won't work for me, as it apparantly doesn't recognize bootrec.exe. So, according to what I know, since I don't have that file, I can't go on with fixing the problem, but I also can't get that file, seeing that the virus will filter it out from me being able to download anything related to reformatting. And the virus filters me out by completely freezing my whole computer, thereby requiring that I reboot.

So I'm leaving it to the gurus... What say you?
KBon, welcome to NST

To access your BIOS you'll need to hit a key repeatedly as you turn on the computer (Del/F2/F10/etc.). You only need to access the BIOS to change the boot sequence if your system isn't booting from the DVD. You need a Vista DVD that should have come with your computer or borrow one from a friend and use the product key on the sticker attached to your computer for the installation (our recovery disc cant be used for re-installing Windows). The recovery proccess isn't appropriate in the case of a nasty infection, you just need to re-format/re-install.

Ok, once you've managed to boot from a Vista DVD you can use to re-install Windows, do the following:
Repair my computer -> Next -> Command Prompt:

select disk 0

Now press the X in the upper right hand corner (not restart/shutdown). Click Install Now to install Windows.
I did hit the key over and over, and I got into the BIOS, but there is no option for BIOS Boot Setup or anything of the sort. It gives me the following options:

Choose an operating system to start OR press tab to select from a tool:

Microsoft Windows Vista

(this is the tool)
Windows Memory Diagnostic

While the "Microsoft Windows Vista" is highlighted, it says I can hit F8 for more advanced options... So I hit F8 and these are my current options:

Boot in Safe mode
Boot in Safe mode with networking
Boot in Safe mode with command prompt

Enable Bootlogging
Enable Low Resolution Video (640x480)
Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced)
Directory Restore Services Mode
Debugging mode
Disable automatic restart on system failure
Disable Driver Signature Enforcement

Start Windows Normally

Those are the only options I appear to have... I've tried going anywhere further to another page or option, but I can't find anything. So I figured I'd just change the boot from command prompt...


Oh, and thank you for the welcome :smile: It's good to see that the pros are here helping people. :]

And I do have a vista disk... It's in the drive and everything, ready to go (when it works). :smile:
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That's not the BIOS.
That's the F8 extended boot menu, which happens later than the BIOS.
Look at the 1st spash screen that appears when you power up.
Somewhere on it will be the instructions for entering the BIOS setup utility
On my ASUS mobo it says "hit 'del' to enter setup"
Can't say what yours will be, but you don't appear to have found it yet.
Hmmmm. That's strange.. Maybe it's some lag on the monitor's part? The screen is usually just black, then it'll turn on for an instant of a second and says press Tab or Delete to open the post something or other? I'm not sure exactly what it says. All I know is when I press delete or tab, it takes me to that screen.

So perhaps the monitor isn't starting up early enough for me to see what button to press? In that case I'll just have to keep guessing :/

I'll go do that right now though and let you guys know if I have any success. :smile:


By the way, I'm just checking, but I'm not looking for the "Windows Boot Manager" am I?

Because that's the first screen I get when I press either F1, F2, Tab, or Delete, so far. That's the screen that says

Choose an operating system to start OR press tab to select from a tool:

Microsoft Windows Vista

Windows Memory Diagnostic


Ok, the only splash screen I see says "Press Tab, Delete or <POST> to enter BIOS Setup"

That's the first screen I've been getting, and I've pressed basically every key on my keyboard before that screen comes up, and it has been giving me the first screen I've been telling you about that says "Windows Boot Manager"
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Ok, does pressing Delete continually as you power on the computer bring up a different screen that doesnt have "Windows" mentioned at all on it?
Do you have a USB keyboard ?
If so, try using it with a PS2 adapter, or use an older PS2 keyboard if you have access to one.
Ok, well before I try that, would it be possible to do it from command prompt, like I originally planned?

If I could download the bootrec.exe (or whatever it was) onto a flash drive on my other computer, then transfer it to my disabled computer, would I be able to follow the wiki? Because that's one of the few things I CAN do is transfer folders and files without it freezing up.
Try plugging in the keyboard to a usb port off the PS2 adapter. Most modern PCs support USB keyboards from power on.
Control Panel / System / Performance / Advanced / System Details
will give you the Mobo OEM and the BIOS details.
A web search with that info should reveal the procedure for getting into setup.
(any chance you've got a dodgy keyboard ? do you have a different one you can connect and try ?)
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I cannot access the control panel due to the virus I have. :frowning:

I'm taking it in to a repair shop tomorrow though. I'll let you guys know how it turns out.