Vista Build 5728 Out

Mak 2.0

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Well the new build is out to testers. I am just about done with my download and will install it tomorrow morning. This is from the RTM branch. From the early news of this build it is even better than the RC1 build.
Well must say. 22 minutes to install build 5728. Not bad. Very quick. It recognized all my USB devices. My Nostromo SpeedPadn52, Saitek wireless game controller and my External HDD. Unlike previous builds which i had to remove them for install.

It is quick. Only 32% of my 1.5GB of RAM is being used. Not that bad. Could be better. Overall must say i like this build.
Quick here too. Had to do the usual reinstallation of Creative Sound, Trend Micro PC-cillin, Intellipoint and Intellitype.
Don't see any problems so far, or any improvements either...LOL

Update....blank ATI Catalyst Control Center. ATI Uninstaller only uninstalled the drivers. Spent an hour uninstalling Catalyst. Vista isn't looking for new drivers and everything still works....weird.
I have Vista 5600 and am a tester however I have not been notified about the 5728. Is there something special I have to do to get it?
Hi Barry,

"and am a tester"

There are "levels" of testers, are you in TAP, or TechBeta, or MSDN, or TechNet, or CPP?

example, did you get build 5456?