Vista Business over Vista RC1 on two different drives.


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Terrific utility! However before I mess something up here is my scenario.
I installed Vista Business over Vista RC1. They're on different physical drives.
My first disk in the BIOS is the one where RC1 is installed. When the system boots I get the boot Loader from Vista asking which one I want to load.
If I change the disk order in the BIOS I get a "NO Boot loader" error.
I'd like to create the boot loader in Vista business so that the drive with RC1 becomes just a slave and I can remove it.
Seems to me I need EasyMBR but I cannot locate it on the site.
Can someone help?
Hi agw,

Change the disk order in the BIOS, boot from the Vista DVD, and select "Startup Repair"

That should do the trick.