Vista cant start up and cant use the recovery disk!


Okay heres's my problem, my vista computer can not start up, the specs are(from my memory) lenovo laptop, vista 32-bit, with 2 gigs of ram, vista was updated to the latest, intel graphics card. Now when I start the computer all I can do is either
-start normally
-start with the last succesful startup settings
-start with safe mode
-start with safe mode with network
-start with safe mode with command prompt
and no matter what I do it will not work, either I start normally and it will just have a blue screen(which shows for a secound) and restarts. or do safe mode and it be stuck at Windows/system32/drivers/crcdisk.sys. Please help I got some important files on that computer and I don want to delete everything to fix it, I tried the vista repair disk you guys offered, but when I used it, all I get is a mouse and thats it! Also I did press anykey when it said so, when I booted from disk.
Well that seems to make sense but I'm still confused on why my computer is not working with the vista dvd and it only shows the mouse, is it because I updated vista to sp2?


So I remove the cd than use the command prompt option, than put the cd back in?
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