VISTA causing IE7 DEP issue... PLEASE HELP!

The Citizen

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OK... so we all know that vista can be a pain, but I do enjoy the OS as much as one can enjoy an OS. My issue is I go to start IE7 and get "Internet Explorer has stopped working" followed by the always cute "A Problem caused the program to stop working.... " message box & Close program button.

So I hit the button and then that wonderful "To help protect your computer, Data Execution Prevention has closed IE. Click to learn more"pop up appears.

Click on this, follow the stuff we are all aware of and you get to pick the programs you DO NOT want DEP to control.... select all the IE stuff and restart the computer.

Having done this six times now with the same issue arising and me going around in circles, I would LOVE someone to explain to me what to do next.

Yes, I know we can't zap IE7 out of vista as it is integral to the OS.

No, I do not want to continue using Opera or Firefox - as good as they are and, yes, both are working fine- as I develop systems for people who think 'Opera is boring and techno is king' :scared: and Firefox was a 'grouse movie, man':??. I.E. they only know of IE.

So I need to get the little bugger going again and do not wish to do a complete reinstall of vista.

The Citizen
It is the users choice to use which browser they prefer. I could easily say use Opera 9.50 since it is more stable and less resource heavy than Firefox. But that is my choice. It is the users who decide what Browser to use. It is not up to us to make that decision for them.