Vista CD/DVD IO Access


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I decided to try Vista out by sending a 1.51gb Documents folder to disk...I can't believe how slow it is and that drive is set at Ultra DMA Mode 4, which should be ultra fast.
In XP both formatting and burning would take seconds...not hours. (Vista is actually reporting remaining time incorrectly as the bar is progressing fairly well - I suspect maybe 45 minutes to go)
But 526kb/sec is very slow.

Vista has slow copy times.
Nothing to do with the CD-Rom, even copying from a network share, USB drive, or a second HD is VERY slow on my PC too.

I think the default DMA drivers that ship with Vista are pure sh!t... Did you try installing the chipset drivers?
What's your mobo?
It's an Intel D865GBFL mobo and no, I've never tried that as I'm not too sure how to do it anyway.
That just gives me their main sign-in page. In any case I see for Intel that they have the "chipset software installation utility" which I have installked..I think, although it just seems to vanish into thin air, somewhere in the system.
When Mak mentioned Nero, I replied suggesting ImgBurn, then you come and suggest it here... i love coincidences :smile: (take a look at the other thread)

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Jordan eh?...I new the site was moving a while back but I didn't realise that you physically moved. Yes I saw that other thread..LOL