Vista continually restarting, safemode, restart...


'Must have gotten a bug from online play. Vista Home, Acer 3680 laptop. Vista starts, shows user log-in screen, then the blue screen of death, then safe mode screen, then restarts. 'Will do the this indefinitely with out user input. I can reboot from CD and get to recovery console, but nothing works. I can access DOS and I've tried several things. I got stuck at the command for 'bootsect.exe', system claims it is not a valide command.
I'm new to Vista: never used it for more than a few moments and 'never tried to repair/troubleshoot.
Thanks for your help.
If this is posted to the wrong place, please direct me.
Thanks for your reply. I have tried all of those methods, except I got stuck at "Step Four: Nuclear holocaust". Although the bootsect.exe exists on my CD (I can see it using a different computer), I get the response that "bootsect.exe is not a valid command..." I'm fairly certain that I have the correct directory since I can see the other files on the disk. I am, however, quite unfamiliar with DOS (I pretty much only us it in situations like this, and then I have to have a list of commands in front of me). Is there some other way of getting the bootsect.exe command to the computer?
I'm close to using the factory reset, there is not a lot of data to be saved on this computer.
Thanks again for your help.
Startup repair for some requires 2-3 trys to fix everything. If you know where bootsect is located on your DVD, you need to navigate there with: cd /d <directory> before you can use bootsect. When you're there, use:
bootsect.exe /nt60 all /force
Got it. Thanks, I was being stupid, ignorant and frustrated. DOS gets me that way. I was unsuccessful at establishing a new bootloader, so I'm simply reinstalling Vista. I like I said there is not much data worth saving on the computer.
Thanks again for you help, I learned a lot.
Sometimes a re-install is the best (and only) way to go. Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions.