Vista Crash Install.wim missing


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Have attempted to reinstall Vista from a DVD (using the suggested method)

Have been successful getting the Windows Vista "Install Now" screen when booting from DVD. Unfortunately it comes up with an error message after having put in a valid Product Key

"Windows cannot open the required file E:\Sources\Install.wim. The file does not exist. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error cose: 0x80070002"

Please advise how to overcome this and where to obtain the file, and how to actually install the file without Vista operating.
The recovery disc from this site cannot re-install Windows. You can only click on repair my computer to repair exsiting Windows installations. If you need to re-install Windows, use the recovery partition or recovery disc that came with your computer.

well what if you dont have disk where can i download them from? i keep getting the e:\sources\install.wim. i have been going thru 1000s of sites trying to figure this out so please help me out. there has to be a cd to format this computer without having to pay for a disk. thanks so much
The repair ISO on this site is not a free copy of Vista.
If you meet the requirements (valid OEM serial number from your PC), MS might give you one.
Anything else you find which claims to be a free copy of Vista, will be illegal.
As likely as not, it will also be infected with malware, just waiting to steal your bank password, and your credit card details.