Vista Crash

Brian G

I have a sony laptop which is about 12 months old. As Vista does not support many programs I use I created a dual boot Vista/xp using Easy BCD etc.
On a recent opening of Vista the BSOD was flashed and the system crashed.
I entered Safe mode checked the Device Manager and found no conflicts did a memory check and all was OK. Rebooted into Vista - BSOD again. This time Safe Mode refused to load and a blank screen is shown with the mouse pointer only working.
Windows XP on the other partition works fine.
I downloaded the recovery disc from Neosmart created a disc and ran the program - using the repair windows startup - result was windows runs perfectly according to the program with no errors. Only problem the screen stays blank and nothing is loaded.
Has anyone an idea for trying to reopen windows vista without reinstalling everything
Any help is appreciated
Hi Brian, welcome to NST.
It doesn't sound like a boot problem, but an internal Vista crash.
The obvious next step would be to use the recovery disk to enter Vista system restore and go back a day or two, to when the system was working OK.
However, if you've booted XP, chances are you won't have any Vista restore points, unless you've taken the trouble in the past to hide Vista from XP to protect them.
Have you been using HnS or some other method to hide Vista ?
If not, it sounds like a recovery of the Vista partition using your Sony factory restore media will be your only option (or your own backups if you've been making them)
Hi Terry
I gave up on the problem with XP and Vista restore deleting each other about 6 months ago after trying most things -all failed .I picked up on HnS today - too late I am afraid
The Sony Factory restore is buried in a hidden partition with no name apparently so I am not sure how to get at it
The recovery disk I made about 6 months ago is seriously out of date!
Any idea how to access the unnamed recovery partition?
Try the PFKs as you boot. The Sony notes should tell you if you've still got them. I've never bought a system with a pre-installed OS, always components and a MS disk, so never had a recovery partition, but from what I remember reading on here, Each of the OEM systems uses one or other of the PFKs to enter the recovery environment.
Trial and error I think !


I first came here last year because of the Vista restore point problem failing to yield to any of the MS "workarounds", and have had protected restore points ever since.
When you're sorted, grab yourself a copy of HnS, and prevent this from being a future problem.
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