vista crash


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Let me start by saying I am new to this site, the bcd software and the whole vista bcd thing so I know not what I'm doing. My wifes precision 650 running vista ultimate crashed and went into a black screen saying bcd\boot\. After lots of online research I found I wasn't the first by far. I tried several times using the vista install cd to recreate the bcd files. No luck!! I put the hard drives another vista computer of mine hoping to be able to save pictures and videos. no luck drives weren't accessible. I downloaded the bcd software and found that there is still a partition and there is still like 70GBs of the 250GBs being used. So I know windows is still there. When I try to recreate missing or deleted boot files with the easybcd software I get a message saying the files needed to re-create the BCD data were not located on the Vista drive. Please make sure a Windows\Boot\directory exists. Can someone please tell me how to do that, and or how to create it.
You say "Vista install CD" ?
the MS Vista Installation medium is a DVD. Is that what you have, or are you talking about an OEM recovery disk ?
If you don't have a Vista DVD, you can download the MS Vista boot repair disc, from this site, and use it to repair the boot as described here.
If you want to rescue personal files before attempting anything, you can do it like this.
If the problem you report is the "Vista black screen of death" (ksod), you might be able to recover with information from these links