Vista crashes after soundcard driver installation



I just got the Vista Ultimate. I installed it and I congragulate Microsoft about that part because it was verrry simple. After installation everything was fine. My graphics card was working, I could connect to internet, etc. But after the installation of the soundcard drivers which I downloaded from official web sites, Windows crashed on reboot. I have 2 sound devices; Creative x-fi xtreme music and EM-U 0404. I'm using my computer on safe mode now. I hope I can find my solution here.

Hello zibaro, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Sounds like you installed the wrong drivers, most likely the ones made for Windows XP.

When you installed the drivers from, did you specify "Windows Vista" as the operating system?

Yes I did. I installed the drivers for vista x64.

While booting in normal mode (without safe mode) a blue screen comes and a counter goes up to 100%. It's quite fast, I couldn't read what is written in that blue screen. Anyway, after 100%, the computer reboots. And story begins again. Vista works only in safe mode now. :frowning:
If, instead of choosing Safe Mode, you chose to boot with "Disable Driver Verification Enforcement" does that still happen?

The Vista x64 drivers by creative are not stable and tend to result in corrupted sound even if they do install "correctly". I have the same soundcard as you with similar issues. So that you know, this problem is magnified by the forthcoming SP1 - I can't get stable sound production at all on my system with it installed.

Issues that are know with regard to this relate to Open AL and Alchemy type installations (creative uses), among others. I would start by uninstalling those.

Another option would be to allow vista to locate and install the drivers relevant to the card - this results in attenuated functionality but improved stability.

Good luck.

Hi Craig, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Thanks for sharing that info - I don't have an x64 machine so I had no idea about any of that.

Cheers! :smile: