Vista damaged and recovery failed.. help please!


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Hi, I really would appreciate help and ideas on how to recover my vista system!
Vista tried to install security update 1, which failed. Ever since I've been experiencing problems, most likely due to the registry and probably windows installer. I can't open existing programs anymore, i.e. Microsoft office, and can't install new software, i.e. HP printer. Contacted Microsoft, they advised to use Vista recovery disc. So I created Vista Recovery CD using teh link from the page, which I hoped would help, however all restore points on this computer are AFTER the day all the trouble started. And I don't have a backup file to run complete Vista backup. I obviously also don't have the original Vista software (didn't come with the laptop..) to reinstall vista completely.
I alreay reinstalled windows installer and lots of other drivers etc.
Please help with some ideas and support on how to get this machine running again!

Many thanks!!
Two options for Windows upate related issues:

1) Search out all updates installed on or after the date in which the problems began to occur and uninstall them (if possible)
2) If there were updates you couldn't install from solution 1 or you just want a simpler way to solve the problem, perform a clean installation of Vista and then install Vista SP1 by using the 5 lang. standalone installer for Vista SP1 (downloadable from Microsofts won't appear in Windows Update)