Vista Defrag Problem!!

I have run Vistas built in Defrag utility and a couple of 3rd party apps and I've run CHKDSK. It still shows 52% fragmentation! System is a Dell Latitude E6400 with Vista Biz SP2

Thanks in advance,

Do you have Vista defrag set to execute automatically on a regular schedule ?
Little and often is best.
I have Vista and W7 set to defrag daily, mid afternoon while the PC is most likely to be idle, and all my partitions show 0% frag.
If you don't defrag frequently, it can take a lot more passes to get the job done when you do try. (or some more expensive, more sophisticated software.)
Steve, it sounds as if either:

It's not running on schedule like it should


Your drive really is fragmented. The defrag utility sometimes needs to run a few times in such cases as this

Also, stick to the system's defrag utility only. You shouldn't need third party tools to defrag the drive as well.