Vista doesn't boot


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I was trying to remove the Vundo trojan from my PC using Window's Defender. Defender needed a reboot to continue so I clicked restart and now my PC won't boot. It goes to the Acer screen then the microsoft window with the green bars going across the screen then to a black screen. That's where it stalls. The mouse pointer moves but there is nothing to click and it doesn't go any farther than that. I've tried booting in safe mode and the same thing happens.

I downloaded the vista recovery disc and sucessfully burned it to a dvd. I can boot from the dvd and I get to the screen to install vista or repair your computer. I click repair and it asks to choose your operating system from the list but there's nothing in the list. It says if it's not listed to install the drivers but I didn't get anything with drivers on it when I bought the pc. Does it sound like something is wrong with my hard drive? Any help would be appreciated.

p.s. I'm posting from the PC from work so any questions/suggestions my response will be slow as I have to wait until I go home then come back the next day.
Defender is a Antispyware applications. It cant remove trojans and viruses. So that is the first problem.

As for the repair setup i dont know off hand. will have to think about it a bit.
If you're getting past the MS progress screen, then the "repair startup" to fix your boot probably isn't going to have anything to repair anyway, even if you could find a system.
I had a similar problem with the Vista DVD not finding a system I could see was still there using other means, and it was cured by disconnecting my old IDE drive temporarily, which enabled the DVD to find Vista on my SATA and get into the repair screen.
I don't know whether you have a similar hardware configuration problem, but if you do manage to get into the repair environment, you might need to use the system restore option, rather than repair startup.
System restore probably wouldn't work either as the DVD isn't finding any installations, but give it a go anyway. You might need to re-install, which wouldn't be bad anyway... clean system that is.
I said if you manage to get into the repair environment Justin, ie if the lack of a system to repair is due to a HDD clash preventing it from being seen, rather than it actually not being there.
That's the situation I had - a perfectly good Vista with a broken boot being invisible to the booted Vista DVD till I disconnected the (non Vista) IDE disk.
In this case though, if a hardware clash is preventing it being seen, I think system restore is more likely to be needed than repair startup.