Vista doesn't load up


I wanted to install XP to another partition (I already had Vista installed), so I loaded up Gparted on an Ubuntu live CD and started to make the vista partition 50GB smaller. Towards the end of the process I got an error that said something like 'failed moving... something', so I pressed OK and it looked like it had worked anyway. I then restarted the computer and tried to get into Vista but it just hangs on the loading screen (with the green bar going across the screen). I left it for 15 minutes with no change.

So I powered off and restarted and it asked if I wanted to repair the startup so I pressed okay and this time the green bar came up and went and I was just left with a black screen. I left this for 15 minutes also before giving up. So now I can't get into Vista at all. If I try to repair the installation the same thing happens, green bar comes and then a black screen that doesn't change.

I would really appreciate any help (or suggestions) anyone might be able to give me.
Hi Roxy,

Sounds like you corrupted the Vista partition when it got stuck :'(

Only thing to try is put the drive in another machine and attempt to back up your data, then format and reinstll.
CG, thank you for the reply. :smile:

I do not care about any data on the machine so reformatting/reinstalling will not be a problem in that aspect. However, I don't have a Vista install disc as it was already installed on the PC when I bought it. I do believe I have recovery partition though (not sure if that's the correct term), but when I get to it, I only have the option to repair the installation (or boot into safe mode, etc), which as I said, does not work.

Is my only option now to get hold of an actual vista install disk, do you think?
It depends. If your recovery partition is also corrupt then I'm afraid that's your only other choice.
All is fixed. :smile:

I ended up using the latest GParted live Cd which had the option to boot from the first partition (which was my recovery partition -- what I thought was the recovery partition before evidently wasn't) and managed to do a complete reinstall and everything's working fine again.
Great news!

You might want to do a `chkdsk /r /f` from Windows to make sure your disk isn't damaged though.