Vista doesn't startup

Hi! I'm in serious turmoil because my vista isn't starting up, i think it's because of the windows activitation which i have dismissed because it never worked! (i put in the number beneath my laptop but it said it was wrong...) Now i restarted the PC and it doesn't start up. My background is blue and in the bottom right it says thatt: "Windows Vista (TM), Build 6000, This copy of Windows is not genuine) I know it is! Because the CD (Windows Anytime Upgrade) came with the laptop... so IT IS NOT fake. I just don't know what to do... it's a new laptop... The last major thing that i did was run "SMITFRAUD FIX" (I had major adware/spyware problems) but this sorted it and everything's fine now.... well.... CAN YOU HELP ME ?!?! (i'm at crying point)
You'll need to call the Microsoft activation hotline and explain to them what happened so they can give you the code to activate your PC.
I don't think this has anything at all to do with EasyBCD.
You must not be reading the product key properly. You need to activate it within 30days or if you change hardware etc otherwise you get this.
If you can't get it work you should call the store you bought the laptap from.

To resolve this problem, follow these steps: 1.Click Retype your product key in the Activate Windows Now pop-up message.2.Accept the User acceptance prompt.3.Type the product key, and then click Next.