Vista Dual Boot


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I would like help in installing WXP SP2 in a partition. I have only Vista so far, and I am willing to delete the partitions, install WXP SP2, and then install Vista (beta 2 build). A problem is that I've tried once and I had a terrible time getting either Vindows XP or Vista 64 installed. Perhpas the steps to accomplish this were not right. I have a SATA drive and array.

I finally was able to install Vista 64-bit back on its former partition (I had to use the HEC build for this, then boot the CD to install present build clean). I have since created an extra partition and formatted it. But I doubt that I can install Windows XP there, since the Vista partition is not hidden.

I have not proceed from this stage because I do not think that it'll work. I have PartionMagic, Acronis and Ghost 2007 software, but last time I tried the first two, they did not work (confirmed by Acronis). It seems that some people are using the software from DOS, but I have given up doing this. I would like to hide a partition so that both Windows folders can use C:
I have received some support for this project, but a problem I see is that people tells me what to do from point X when I need to know right from A-Z.
OK, best thing to do:

1) Use Acronis Disk Director to clear the HD. Not just delete the partitions, but also (and most especially) clear the MBR too.
2) Use the XP bootdisk and enter the recovery console
3) Use Acronis Disk Director to create two primary partitions.
4) Install XP to the first.
5) Install Vista to the second.

It should work :smile: