Vista Dualboot Hiccup



Just got the RTM from MSDN, nice nice.. all works well, but iv got a slight problem when i try to get back into XP

basically i have a smasung laptop with 'media centre' thingy from them... when i try to boot into XP this is all that loads, and not XP.. so im assuming that vista got a bit confused when it installed and instead of appending itself to the boot menu, it overwrote it and took the first option! nice!

my XP partition is still active and i can access it from within Vista etc.. just cant boot into it..

iv been trawling the internet for sometime now to not much joy.. currently backing up XP incase i need to format completely

any help in getting this to work would be appreciated

i seem to be able to get it to start booting now.. but then i just get a blue screen saying something about a dll not being avail and EwtEvent..something..

sorry, i had to rush out.. but ill edit this post with the actual error when i get home, i wrote it on a post it, but thought id post what i could recall incase it gave anyone an idea...

perhaps i need to sort out the boot.ini on the XP partition? i noticed at the moment there is nothing in it..

You need to set drive C as the location for windows in EasyBCD, that might help.

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