Vista + eComStation-OS/2


I have Vista installed on my laptop (unfortunately HP does not provide a versatile recovery system) and eComStation (OS/2). I have followed the directions for adding the eCS partition to the boot manager. On initial boot there is an entry for eCS, but when I try to boot to eCS the boot process stops. (The system does not freeze.)
Reading Documentation

Thank you for your reply.

I did read the documentation, and followed the directions and advice--several times. The problem did not go away. So, either I missed or misunderstood something, or there is a problem not referred to in the documentation.

That is why I posted on this forum.
Hi pmar, welcome to NST.

When you say the boot process freezes - how far along does it get?
Do you get into the eComStation boot procedure? Or does it hang before it leaves the Vista bootloader? What message is on the screen?
When using grub I get as for as:

BootPart 2.60 Bootsector (c) 1993-2005 Gilles Vollant http:..BootPart
Loading new partition
Bootsector from C.H. Hochstatter

then no farther. But the system is not frozen, ctrl-alt-del reboots

If I use neoGrub I am directed to the Grub command prompt (before that point everything passes too fast for me to read). If I try "find --set-root /OS2LDR" or "find --set-root /NTLDR" I get the message: Error 17: File not found

I used the directions from the EDM2 emag suggested on the neosmart website.

Any ideas? suggestions?

I take it Windows and OS2 are on two separate partitions?

If that's the case, there's a known bug in GRUB that won't let it install correctly to the bootsector on the second drive - you'll have to manually install GRUB using the latest version of Super GRUB Disk, or figure out what the correct instructions for loading up OS2 from the GRUB terminal are and use NeoGRUB.

Is /OS2LDR the correct path for sure?
I will search out Super GRUB.

Yes they must be on different partitions (on the same hard drive).

Would using LILO be a way around the problem?

I am using /OS2LDR because I assume that GRUB will look for the OS Loader program, and OS/2's is in the root directory. Am I correct?
Sorry, I meant different drives.

If they're on the same drive there shouldn't be any problem. Just install OS2 but be sure that GRUB gets installed to the bootsector and not the MBR then use EasyBCD to add the entry - this is a confirmed working method.

LILO won't solve anything.