Vista Factory Resest?

Hi, Im new to these forums and honestly a bit of a newb when it comes to PCs. I was just wondering if it is possible to get a 'factory resest/restore' (where it is as if you have the PC just like first day you turned it on) disk. Or if it is possible to do it any other way?

If you bought the PC with the OS pre-installed, then it will have a "factory reset".
How you access it will depend on the make of PC.
It's possibly part of the extended boot menu (F8 at boot), possibly another key combination (Alt+F10 for Acer, F11 for HP etc), or maybe even on an older PC, a set of CDs supplied with the PC.
Check your User Handbook first, or failing that the website for your OEM. It should tell you exactly what to do, (like this example from HP)
Before you start, make sure that you've saved every personal file to external storage if you ever want to see it again.