Vista first on C:, XP then on E:


Hi, I'm trying to use EasyBCD to setup my boot options on a notebook that came with Vista preinstalled on partition c: I have now installed XP on partition E:, but since the XP installation, I can't boot into Vista anymore, just boots straight into XP. Drive D: is used for just some file storage.

Tried using EasyBCD earlier to fix this problem, but BCD kept on insisting that my XP installation location was C: (this was greyed out, like default). I forced it into E:, but after reboot, got an error from the Vista manager. Had to reinstall XP so I could get back in again :smile:

Since I can't get back into my Vista installation, I need to take some steps from XP. I guess I'm a little confused as to what I need to do first. Thanks in advance.
Hi derelikt, welcome to NST.
Whenever you install XP after Vista, it will regress the Vista bootloader and is incapable of booting Vista. The Vista boot process needs to be repaired.
Please read the sticky thread and follow the links. It's all explained in there.

Make sure you're using the 2.0 version of EasyBCD. It will virtually automate the adding of XP to the repaired Vista boot, with its boot.ini configurator feature.
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Up and running

OK, back again. I tried to use write MBR option to see if that would get be back into Vista. It did not work, as the bootloader could not be found. I put my Vista disk in, rebooted, used the built-in repair function, and got back into Vista that way. Once in, I used EasyBCD to create the second entry. Upon reboot it all worked perfectly. That's what I needed. Thanks for you patience with questions that have probably been asked many times!