Vista/FreeBSD installation Criteria >.< ive searched the guides..but im comin across a problem that just is never mentioned.

I read the good order is Freebsd->Vista for installation order. Problem is..after ive installed bsd, and i go to install vista, at the point where i select where i want to install vista it gives me the "Windows is unable to find a system volume that meets its criteria for installation" warning, and i cannot install.

I had at one point had them dual booted and workin fine but had to reclone for work. Can anyone give insight into this issue... or if its a better idea to install things differently, could i get a quick rundown of that process?

Hi drunkinbda, welcome to NST :smile:

Does installing Vista first then BSD address this issue?

If not, your MBR needs scrubbing - if you need help with that just let us know :grinning:
thanks you very much :grinning:

initially i had tried to do the vista -> freebsd installation then use easybcd. There are two ways that goes:
1) it just boots freebsd and i dont have an option to load windows. Perhaps somehow i could remind the comp that vista is there (vista repair cd is less than helpful). I would love to try this and somehow get the vista boot manager up and running if possible so im sure the two installations are still intact.
2) i get the fun missing or corrupt winload.exe issue. I did that and the repair cd worked once... but my freebsd boot was either done wrong or that broke it.

I think just totally startin a new mbr (i assume thats the scrubbing?)

Just to put it out there... i have gotten it to work once, but i dont rmember what order i did things and because of incorrect cloning the whole partition setup just went poof. >.< very sad.
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