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What i looked forward the most in Vista was the game explorer. It seemed pretty cool that it would download information and what not.
However, half the games dont show up. Hl2: episode one and Counterstrike dont show up. Instead the deathmatch thing shows up. Most other games dont show at all in the explorer.
Does anyone know how to get them to show up. all i found online involved a long process and lots of registry editing.
too bad copy paste doesnt work:x:x:x
You can copy paste but that doesnt download any information about the game and you cant even change the icon or anything. It wont show cover art or anything.
Also, COD 4 doesnt show in game explorer even though it is a pretty new game
I don't think it downloads them from the game's servers - rather from Microsoft's. So Microsoft just has to add that game to their list, then your PC will show it...


OK, this is from the developer documentation (for people writing the games).

Legacy Game Support

The Game-Definition-File (GDF) Schema

I was wrong - if it's a "Made for Vista" game, then the game author creates a text file (XML, actually) that contains the information about the game - you can create this file yourself if it's not already there (that way you can change the icon, minimum rating, etc.).

If it's not a made for Vista game, then Microsoft checks with their servers for information about it (through AMG, same service used for the WMP dvd info).
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That link is to make a file to overwrite what vista gets, right?
How about getting Vista to realize that this is a game.
As long is it realizes that it is game it will download the info, right?
So is there a way to tell it "this is a game get info on it"??