Vista Hangs After Hibernateing


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Hi all...

I have Vista home premmium x64...whenever i hibernate my pc and start after hibernate...pc hangs in just 2-3 min...

There wont be any drivers fault..bcoz i have just upgraded all my drivers by "Driver Genius Professional Edition"...

Here is my pcconfiguration

Proc : Amd Phenom X4 Quad Core processor 9950 Black Edition
RAM : Trancend 4 GB ram (800)Mhz
GPU : Ati Radeon 4850 512 MB Graphics card
Mother Board : Gigabyte : GA-MA78GM-DS2H(P)/
OS : Windows Vista Home Premium x64 sp2 / Windows XP x 64 edition sp2


I use Vista...and i have problems in vista

help plzzzz THXXX
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