Vista hardware problem


Salam gure, i m facing a problm thts y searchd net n found this site. I hav read all the related posts. Site seem knowledge developer n problm solvr so i decided 2 join. Dont knw hw 2 post question or thread, hw 2 join forum etc bcz im using net on my cell fone bcz my laptop is not working.
In short i installed a 500gb wd usb harddrive 2 my acer 5738, which asked 2 restart, aftr restart windows green bar continues to run for nearly 20, 30 minutes,aftr which a blue screen with error appear tht a hardware error occured and bla bla bla. I tried 2 start recovery but same happened even whn i used my recovery disk. Thn i tried 2 install a local copy of vista(pirated) in order 2 get rid of it but same error apper aftr loading setup files. Plz help me. I dont knw wht 2 do. I went 2 comp lab,the worked told me tht he would repair that against a charge of 4500pk rupees(nearly 55$) im a student of mba. Cant afford tht plz solve my problem. Waiting 4 ur reply. Kind reply in such a way thay i might see that, either in inbox msg or mail me on my email i.d. Plz reply soom.
Hi Asim,

You won't get much help if you use pirated software.

I understand you had a legitimate copy installed first, and only used the pirated copy in desperation to try to fix the problem?

Do not use pirated versions of windows for any purpose.

I suppose you unplugged the new usb drive and tried the repair options on the Vista dvd, or the NST recovery cd download?

To do that, boot the Vista dvd/ NST recovery cd , windows loading files - select language and keyboard- you get a screen saying Install Now - do not click that.

At the bottom of the same screen, it says Repair my computer - click on that.