vista hibernation screen


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wonder is there a way to have a splash status or progress bar during hibernation? Restoring from hibernation isn't a problem. I hope that there is an option in vista to make it rather than using any tweaks.

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yup.. is there a way.. cos Vista hibernation mode show blank screen which I find it very dull and also one does not know when will the hibernation is done unless we see the hardware indicator light..
In Vista no there isnt a way. Not that i know of. You will know when Hibernation is done cause you put it in Hibernation for a reason right? Cause you no longer plan on using the PC at that moment. So really what is the point of seeing it go into Hibernation i you dont plan on using it?

If you plan on waking it from Hibernation as fast as you put it into Hibernation you should consider StandBy over hibernation. It will cause less stress on your system.
Oic, cos it seems quite weird for me after using XP for long time and hibernating regularly with a screen. Haha, thx for ur help anyway :smile:
Try start | run | msconfig
Boot -> "No GUI Boot"

That might do something, but I'm not sure if it'll add a progress bar.
Hi, thx for replying. I think that option is for the starting boot screen.. never try it though as XP also have this option.. Mine is left it uncheck..