Vista HnS Problems

i think so?

or should i change the settings?


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No, you've done it right.
We know already (it caused CG no end of problems in development) that Vista disk management and the BIOS disagree about rdisk() numbers. (BIOS calls the booted disk 0, dsk mgmt numbers IDE before SATA no matter which is booted).
We also know that Windows partition numbering can be very unpredictable when extended partitions are in the mix, but it seems either that disk management in your case displays the partitions in the wrong order, or that Vista doesn't number partitions in their physical sequence on the disk)
Could you post the install log (from the folder you unpacked HnS into). As far as I can see you've done everything right so I can't help you, but you seem to have discovered another wrinkle after we thought CG had finally ironed them all out. This is in his hands now.

NeoSmart intelliLogger 1.0
Logging started on 7/9/2008 at 7:56 PM using log level Debug

7:56 PM Vista Hide 'n Seek
7:56 PM Boot drive: C:\
7:56 PM Listing drives involved in the procedure.
7:56 PM F as XP
7:56 PM D as Unknown
7:56 PM C as Vista
7:56 PM Beginning Install process.
7:56 PM Attempting to rename C:\boot.ini to C:\boot.ini.hns
7:56 PM Copying NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM to F:\
7:56 PM Creating boot.ini on F as partition(1)
7:56 PM Creating Vista entry in menu.lst.
7:56 PM Adding XP entry F to menu.lst
7:56 PM Renaming BOOTMGR, creating GRLDR on C:\
7:56 PM Renaming BOOTMGR, creating GRLDR on F:\
7:56 PM Updating the bootsector on all partitions.

and thanks for all your help.

i guess next time i have to format ill make 2 partitions lol
Why wouldn't it see past 137GB if my computer came from gateway with a 500GB HD?

my Bios is Phoenix Technologies version 6.00 Date:04/27/2007

how do i update it?

I'll try to defrag, if it doesn't work ill post back


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LBA access depends on the APIs used and the system configuration. It's of course possible that the HnS bootloader has a bug that's not letting it see past the 137Gb barrier on your PC, but give defragmentation a shot; and see what happens.