Vista in boot loop


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I recently obtained a copy of Vista and tried to setup using the disc. But everytime I pressed a key when it prompted "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD", my PC reboots. And the cycle continues. I can't even get to the setup page of Vista. What could be the fault? Thanks.

My PC hardwares:

Mobo : MSI K8NGM2-L (GeForce 6100 + nForce 410)
CPU : AMD64 3500+
RAM : 1GB (Corsair)(shared with VGA)
VGA : Integrated GeForce 6 GPU (set at 64MB)
Audio : 8 channel HD audio codec RealTek ALC880.
Harddisk : 200GB Seagate (IDE), 300GB Maxtor (SATA)
DVD Drive : BenQ (DW1620)(Slave), Samsung (SH-S182D)(Master)