Vista Incompatibility


I have an Acer laptop running Vista Home Premium. Vista automatic upgrade is in a closed loop at stage 3. I downloaded the 64bit recovery and burned a CD. On re-boot with the CD I get a message that the "recovery disc is incompatible with this version of Windows." Now what?
Hi PJB, welcome to NST
You need to match the recovery disk with your OS. Try the x86 version if you're running a 32 bit OS.
Thank you. Tried that without success. With that disc inserted the Acer boots from the HD. With F2 I find that the CPU is a AMD Turion 64 X2 so I assumed that the 64bit disc was required. The computer is set to boot from the CD and the 64 will do so and all is well until I get to "repair your computer." That's when I get the incompatibility message.
I have Acer Aspire desktop, after windows updates i recd error message, "Windows failed to load because a required file is missing, or corrupt, " file ntoskrnl.exe. I also downloaded 64 recovery and recd same message, "recovery disc incompatible with this version. I am downloading 32 now ,, cross your fingers.
If booting the x86 version went straight to HDD, the burn can't have worked properly. Both versions should behave identically till the point where they locate the system to repair.
Even though you have an AMD 64, Acer might still have installed a 32 bit OS. Because of driver availability (or lack of), people are still favouring 32 bit OSs, especially if the PC is not brand new.