Vista installation problem,, i need help ASAP


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I have a formatted internal HD on my Inspiron 1525 laptop that im attempting to do a clean installation of windows vista basic on it. I am trying to do this using the reinstallation cd that came with my computer. When I run from the DVD and install, I get to the "Where do you ant to install windows?" screen and I get an error message that says "Windows installation encountered an unexpected error. Verify that the installation sources are acceptable, and restart the installation. Error code: 0xE0000100" I dont know what to do to get passed this. Somebody please help me asap because I need my computer. Thanks so much in advance.

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i did change the CD but the problem presist,, also i changed the SATA and nothing changed
Hello hiskoo, welcome to NST

Ok so you're re-installing Vista. Boot from the Vista DVD -> Repair my computer -> Next -> Command Prompt. I'm assuming you've only got one hard drive in the laptop:

select disk 0

Now exit command prompt: "exit". Click the "X" button top right hand corner of the recovery options menu. This should take you back to the install Windows screen. Click "Install Now" to proceed with a clean Windows install.