Vista Installed After Xp And Ubuntu


hi i installed vista in a new partition when alredy having ubuntu and xp booting on grub.
after the installation grub was gone and vista bootloader took its place.
the problem is that ubuntu does not show on vista bootloader.

n e 1 know how to add ubuntu to the vista bootloader?
yeh i gave that ago and when i tried booting it had grub geom error
is that an error that will b fixed in the next version or a problem wif my system?
No, it's not your system. Well, it is, but the new version of EasyBCD 1.51 will fix it anyway :smile:
I grabbed the linux patch ( and copied the nst_grub.mbr file to the c:\nst folder. Upon reboot and selecting the linux option I get 'GRUB Geom Error' and it halts. Is there a way to edit the mbr file?

I'm booting Vista, XP, OSX, and Ubuntu. All work fine except the Ubuntu.

Here's my partitions from DISKPART

Partition ### Type Size Offset

Partition 2 Primary 34GB 47MB (XP)
Partition 1 Primary 22GB 34GB (VISTA)
Partition 0 Extended 19GB 56GB (Linux)
Partition 4 Logical 17GB 56GB (ext3)
Partition 5 Logical 2GB 73GB (swap)
Partition 3 Primary 19GB 75GB (OSX)

Please advise, I can give more information if need be.

Thanks in advance.