Vista installed on wrong partition


I recently restored my Gateway desktop to factory settings. I reinstalled Vista from recovery discs (not Vista software discs) and all went well until I partitioned my computer. It now won't boot up the partition with the OC (C:smile: and I can't boot from the recovery discs. I have tried reinstalling Vista but it keeps using the new partition and never gives me the choice to choose another. All I get is a blinking unuseable cursor. I can't get a command prompt and making the DVD drive the default drive (in order to use the recovery discs to boot) on the BIOS menu doesn't help. I believe I just need a boot disc but which one can solve this particular problem?
I installed the Vista OS via recovery discs onto the computer on the correct drive then partitioned the computer. It restarted on me and when it came back up I could not get to the C: drive. The new partition had been made the active drive. Not knowing what was going on, I reinstalled the OS. I am assuming it went onto the C: drive as when I choose the new partition Windows won't open. Choosing a drive is not an option in the recovery process (it just picks one) so I can't install to the new partition. I can't get to the C: drive and I can't get to a command prompt in order to find the partition. The C: drive isn't listed on the BIOS menu either.