Vista keeps freezing.


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Hello, all,
Found the site when I had to get the Vista reboot repair disk, and it helped. So thanks very much for that.
So now, I am able to reboot my computer, and get it into windows, and log in. Good times all around, really, until it freezes in the middle of an operation. Sometimes quickly, sometimes maybe five minutes later. It doesn't seem to discriminate which operations it freezes in, so I tried booting it up with my Ubuntu disc to see if that would do anything for me. I'm able to, and Ubuntu doesn't freeze, so I'm a little lost as to why.
However, I found, in Ubuntu, the SMART Data of my hard drive and it tells me that this is a problem with the "Current Pending Sector count" I'm not really sure what it is, but it looks like the only problem I really have with the computer right now.
I'm also wondering if there is anyway to make a back up image of my computer through Ubuntu for the windows data. Just in case I end up needing to reinstall windows.
I'm really just surprised I was able to get anywhere with it at all, but you guys have helped with it thus far, and I just was unable to find my particular problem anywhere, but I may have just missed it.
Thanks very much for any help that is able to come my way..
~ Sztiv